thank you Marshall!

I can finally do an Eskimo roll by myself. Thank you Marshall for your expert instruction… and patience.

I just spent the last hour at the lake and was able to consistently roll. I had to reassure a bunch of nervous bystanders that I would not drown, and that flipping my kayak upside down was intentional.

For now, you helped me achieve a personal goal. This winter, you may just save my life.

Thank you again.


There are a handful of good guys…
on P-net, and Marshall is one of them.

Jack L

And you looked good for the pictures
In your new spiffy kayak!

I’m glad that my input helped you achieve a milestone.

Thank you for the compliments.

Ill keep you in the loop for the Conditions Skills Sessions.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

I expect this skill will continue to reward you over the years. It certainly did for me.


…don’t be concerned when you find it and lose it several times during your first year or so…in 20 yrs. I’ve only known one paddler who didn’t experience this curve.

Thanks for the advice
I imagine this is something I will need to practice regularly. I certainly want to have a dependable roll when I need it.


My first two years…
I racked up 2500 per year…it all became pretty automatic after that.

the best part is
when you get knocked over unexpectedly and manage to roll back up. For me I got sick of getting back in and bailing.

You’re on your way, just play with it in increasingly difficult conditions.