Thanks for the advice - WP Binoculars

I while back I asked for input on a pair of compact, waterproof binoculars for boat birding and general wildlife viewing. Several responded and I learned alot. Prices ranged from $25 to over $1500. I allocated no more than $300. I narrowed it down to either the Zhumell Signature 8x42 and the Nikon Monarch ATB 8x42 and ended up with the Nikons. I would have been just as happy with the Zhumells… it was just a coin flip. They are on their way now.

Ok, they are waterproof, but if I roll, they sink. Do they make floating straps?

Just google binocular flotation strap and take your pick.

Happy Thanksgiving!


makes a gorgeous flotation strap. About $50 I believe.

A cheaper one is available from West Marine. About $30 if memory serves. I plan on sewing up one similar to the Swarovski (sectional, so it forms to your neck better) and tapered (narrow behind your neck, with more bouancy at ends). Cannot be too difficult.