Thanks for the Chesapeake info

We paddled Eastern Neck Island Wildlife Refuge Nice paddle except we were looking at thunder storms all around and we turned it into a non stop 3 hour paddle.The storms never reached us execpt for the wind. Would have liked to have gone back but did not have the time. We also paddled Chesapeake Beach from Breezy Point going north, made that an 11 mile paddle. I did find one fossil of a tooth. I was surprised that every rock I saw was really just clay. Are there any rocks in that area at all?

We also spent an afternoon in Ellicott City and about 3 hours hiking in Patapsco State park. So thanks for all the info you guys really helped.


hoping you had a very nice …

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..... visit all around and enjoyed the places you went adventuring .

It can get a little too warm and humid during many Summer days here in MD. , but half of them are plenty comfortable enough ... what did you think ??

It got chilly on the bay through the night last Mon. a.m. hours , saw a great big meteor burn by ... it was not a shooting star , but more like someone shot a flare off a hundred feet away , just 10 x's brighter .

The big ol full moon filled the S.W. bay horizon in the wee hrs. , and the Sun glowed orange to the N.E. as it came up burning ...

Did you get in any Sunsets or Moonrises ??

We saw one moon rise in between the
clouds. The weather was weird this time. Every time I have been in the area the weather was always mid 90’s and matching humidity. Was not expecting cool nights and just warm days. But for the ten days we were there it rained only two nights so we can’t complain. Now if it will just warm up back home!

Hey, did you catch Sox game vs O’s
Was it you that jinxed that record come-back victory by the O’s when they came back from 9 runs down? Hope you saw the game the next day when the Sox came back at the end to win it, what, from down 1-4 to 5-4?

As for rocks, no, you don’t really get many rocks below (SE) of route 95. 95 pretty much follows the fall line or the limit of coastal pleistocene glaciation - so no rocks. I picked up some rocks from near Patapsco State Park (some nice orange feldspar and large mica in quartz) and put them in the front yard to astonish the neighbors.

When you’re out hunting fossil sharks teeth and you get those little gray clay balls, you’re probably too close to the cliffs. The way the cliffs erode, the best shark teeth hunting is at beaches with no cliffs. We were caretakers of a waterfront place at Plum Point just a mile south of Breezy Point beach and once had a sharks tooth hunting contest - my wife won with over 120 per hour (most of which were tiny). One guy hooked up a dredge and pulled it with his shoulders through the shallows and was both exhausted and the biggest loser after an hour. And his sharks teeth were not much bigger than those my wife found in just a few feet with little effort. We used to go barefoot all the time and later, I’d find tiny shark teeth from the Miocene on the floor mats of the car. Winter to early spring is the best time to find 'em after a good wind of several days from the NW.

Yes went to the game
that the sox came from behind. That park is really nice. My wife wants to a game there next year, she liked it so much.

your wife has good taste in ballparks
Although I’ve been a serious Sox fan since 1962 and have seen hundreds of games at Fenway (including the Patriot’s Day no-hitter by Dave Morehead and the Tony C beaning by Jack Hamilton of the Angels 8-18-67, a date that lives in infamy), I openly admit that I’d rather see them at Camden Yard. There’s something about the place that just feels right. Maybe the ghost of Babe Ruth is now at rest - the park was built on the site of his father’s pub.