Thanks Impex customer service

The guys working for Impex are first rate. I called with questions about the skeg, cable and other fittings on my Diamante.

They spent over half-an-hour on the phone with me working through my questions, told me to send them pictures of my problem because they hadn’t run across it before, thens sent me some free stuff.

They took a personal interest.

Those guys are first rate. The best customer service I have had in a long, long time.


I dealt with them on a boat issue about a year ago. They resolved the problem promptly and the service and solution was better then I had hoped for. They are absolutely the best.

I’ve dealt with them on a couple of different issues and they are top notch!

Build Time
Just got my new Impex Assateague in K-Lite which took three weeks to build and deliver. The fit and finish is flawless on this boat. Total weight is 47 Lbs. You can’t beat the price on these boats. They hand drive every boat to the dealer to prevent damage and to keep a good relationship with the dealers. I will post a review in the fall once I have more seat time. It is the best boat I have paddled and will be a keeper.