Thanks to Grayhawk !

For arranging a demo day put on by Florida Bay Outfitters.
They had all types of yaks, and the gang that showed up got to play on as many as they wanted for as long as they wanted.
We tried the Hobie stand up foot pedal board, and the sit in one along with their longest skinny regular SUP and loved them all.
I was quite surprised at how stable the stand up foot pedal one was . Watching people before me on it, it looked not to stable, but I think you would have to work to tip it.
I also found out that you can get a real good aerobic work out on those pedal type craft, but not as good a all over body work out as a regular SUP Unfortunately we have too many boats and not enough space for more

You can sell a few.

@string said:
You can sell a few.

Nanci will let me buy one but not sell any

I use my wife for excuses too.

A good day…
The wind was up but the SUPs handled it better than I expected.
Showers at the start and at lunch time but sunshine in between.
The SUPs and tandem kayaks had the most interest.
The staff at Florida Bay Outfitters always do a great job.
This was a good lead up for JackLs race on wednesday…