thanks to Mark's help

I was able this weekend to paddle around Wrightsville Beach. I have my moments in Mason inlet but the remainder of the trip was fine. They should put grandstands at Masonboro inlet and charge people to come and watch the “weekend races”. It seems that everyone is in a big hurry to get outside and they pay little attention to a chubby kayaker in their wakes. Thanks again to Mark for his assistance in one of my long time dream trips.

Thanks for reporting back a sucsessful trip. I hope that in the future that maybe we can do it again together.

Happy Paddling,


I think Mark will probably tell you
that half the power boaters going in and out of there are polite, while the others half only see you as a boat that they have to get by.

We did a out and back race there about a month or so ago, and on my way back, there was a humongous power boat coming back in a full tilt just as I was coming around the end of the jetty to come back in also.

I was praying that he would slow down and sure enough he did. The only problem it was just as he was passing me and it was as if he put the breaks on and the breaking wave that he sent at me scared the bejesus out of me. I have never gone over in many years of kayaking, but I sure thought I was going to that day.

Luckily I seem to have some sort of instinct where I automatically can throw some braces without even thinkin about them and I was able to holed my own.

The boat turned out to be a full size Coast Guard Cutter, and I had an audience of a half a dozen guys at the rail watching me.

Kind of makes ya wonder if they were not looking for a rescue exercise?