Thanks to Marshall at the River Connection

Major plug here for Marshall at the River Connection in Hyde Park. He has been immensely helpful these last couple of weeks. He took care of overdue maintenance on a boat, had supplies to replace items I was using long past their life span and helped me with my neglected roll this afternoon.

Fantastic resource. Well worth a drive and an overnight stay if coming from a distance


You’re welcome @Celia !

You picked a gorgeous day to play on the water and I’m very happy to help you walk away with a “winning” roll.

See you on the water,
Marshall Seddon
The River Connection, Inc.
9 W. Market St.
Hyde Park, NY. 12538
845-229-0595 main
845-242-4731 mobile
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Your kind and honest help was a godsend to me. My kayaking is now far more enjoyable Because of your expertise. If you ever decide to retire, I’m putting my offer in for the SC sea islands and year-round ability to go out.

You’re very welcome and the idea of SC island kayaking is sorely tempting!