that abs/acetone royalex repair thang

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Got an e-mail from Pete yesterday. Seeing as I've responded to several people over the last few months, I figured I'd post my ruminations on that abs/acetone repair that keeps my boats floating. He asked all the right questions so I thought this response was post-worthy. Good luck, Pete!

Hi Pete. Use acetone, mek is nasty crap. I got my abs (1/8" rod x 2 lbs.) at Rod or thin sheets is best. You'll have to experiment with ratio. I use a "ball" canning jar due to tight seal, most jars will let acetone evaporate.In cold weather 2-3 days to dissolve, above 60 degrees one day will work. Using the 1/8" rod, I cut pellets about 3" long and fill jar up to about 60% full(lots of air space of course), then add acetone to about 3/4 full. For overcoating worn vinyl, a thin coat or two is best, and I use cheap chip brushes. For deep cracks slightly thicker mix is better. You'll find as you're brushing the thin coat where needed, the residue on the sides of the jar will thicken up, this is what I use to repair holes and gouges. If dissolved mix is too thin, add acetone and mix, it'll thin out quickly. Conversely, if way too thin, add some more abs and wait another day, if just a little too thin wait a second and it'll be good. Work quickly, have your prepwork (glue sanded etc..) done beforehand. The slurry will set quickly. Repairing an entire bottom is sounding shaky. I've done roughly 6"X8" sections, cutting out foam, laying in gorilla glue, sanding glue down below surface layer, then painting in slurry. Matt

Thank you Matt. Sounds like a good technique.

oh yeah
seems i forgot the importance of gorilla glue if down below the original abs layer. Ball park, if you’re down to foam or have a deep crease, smear in some glue, let dry and sand below outer contour, then brush in the slurry.

Repair 's

I have a Old Town Pack Canoe. With a deep crease in it. It’s only about 1.5 " but it has the foam showing.

I’ll go and use the Gorilla glue. Where can I find

some of the ABS Rod’s I don’t think I’ll need 2 lb.

of the stuff? What about the color, I’ll need Green.

Thank’s for your help so far. The info has been very help full. Muskret

check this thread
I believe the generally accepted method is to paint over the repair but you might check this thread:

1 pound

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increments in the rod at I bought 2 pounds and still have half a pound left, after 5 coatings and 2 patch jobs.2 pounds was $35 incl. shipping. Bought this about 2 years ago.
When i learned of this method, people were going to Home depot and buying ABS pipe, but lately ABS is real hard to find. Don't mistakenly buy PVC. I find rod (or sheet) much easier to cut up.
As far as color, Aarons and my canoes are all becoming black ;-). Abs is either in black or white, you'll have to paint over it if you want green. Krylon fusion is good, but you'll have to scuff up the abs first. It's real slick.

Legos...hmmm. Thanks pete.

Let go of my lego!
My resident lego maniac wouldn’t like this idea. :wink:

buy another set and give him the ones you don’t use.

Or maybe we could all just chip in for a mega set and divide up the colors?

So far so good
I want to thank all of you. I bought a Dagger Swannee canoe for $50. it had 2 long cracks at each end an numerous sracrhes all went throught the green plastic down to the white foam. the previous owner appeared to JB weld the cracks and it started to crack off and expose the foam and din’t even mend the cracks on each end. well two days ago I gorilla glued the cracks and scratches to protect the foam, and this morning I slurried the ends put a piece of fiberglass cloth down and slurried over that. just waiting for it to dry. The black ABS takes away from the astetic appeal,but if I couldn’t fix it the wife was going to turn it into a redneck front yard ornament/planter! And i don’t think my kid will care what it looks like as long as we can take it fishing. Over the past few months I have aquired a yankee canoe for $100 w/oars and jackets and now the dagger.