That Firefly Top for the water bottles

Saw the leader on the home page here and clicked on it. IT is an LED top for the Nalgene Water bottles we ALL carry and turns it into an adjustable light source for your yak or whatever. I think they look like just the thing and am seriously thinking of buying at least two, one for my boat and one for the wife’s as we are just about to start ocean fishing and you can turn the light up for handling business and down to provide just enough light.

The questions are:

  • has anyone used one yet and determined battery life?
  • how much bottle color affects the effectiveness of the illumination, would the light blue bottle be a LOT brighter than dark green?
  • at it’s brightest setting, does it provide enough light to function, say thread a hook on your line?

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Seems kinda cool… but reeks to me of “impulse buy”. The kind of thing that you grab on the checkout line at REI only to get it out in the woods and find out what a piece of crap it is… BUT, I haven’t actually seen/held/tasted, so who knows?

Here’s a link for those in the dark…

I’d be willing to try it. I tend to like gadgets like that. That and the pressbot, im the only one in my group tht has to have coffee…

the only one that likes coffee, eh?
sees a interesting way to create some mood light in a tent LOL!!!

If this thing works…
I see it as a way to have one less thing to pack and haul around in my already crowded boat. I usually take at least two water bottles per boat anyway, and if we are on an overnight… geez… who knows. I would love to find out this thing works as advertized, It would be great to have a soft glow of illumination while you are fishing and then be able to turn the light up to remove a fish, change baits, rethread hooks etc; then dim the lights back down. I probably have five or six different color bottles…

But like the previous post says, I don’t want to spend the money and feel like the guy who buys the electric bug repeller in the checkout line and then sits in the living room and watches the misquitos use it for runways lights either. If I order these things, I want to be able to order a couple and not have to pay shipping twice.


you guys fish at night?
…I didn’t think people would do that. fish sleep too, eh?

You need three fireflys:
And three nalgene bottles: 1 red, 1 green, and one clear. That way you can set up your running lights and anchor light.

Alternately, you can hang the green oe outside your tent to let your mistress know that the coast is clear.

And if you are a single “working girl” you can hang the red one outside.


Put your flashlight
in a nalgene bottle

Better Link
Here’s a better link for those of you who want to try it out: