The AutoLoader Xv

has anyone tried The AutoLoader Xv kayak transport system ? when not in use does the rack lay flush ?

how do you like it ?

the name 'autoloader’
implies a lot, a lot more than it is…i use the malone j-craddles and like 'em. … some problems with black streeks on white hulls but that’s no big deal to me…best used on low vehicles (eg cars) where you can actually sit the kayak onto the ‘loaders’…

Autoloader Review
I use them on a trailer and the new ones are awesome. They will lie flat if you loosen the bolts just a little. I take mine on and off and got tired of having to use a wrench every time so I replaced the bolts with eye bolts. Now I just grab the eye with my hand and tighten or loosen them. If anyone’s interested I’ll let you know how it works. If you have several boats they are excellent. The problem that I have run into with the Yakima’s is that I have to readjust their spacing on the bar for each boat. You don’t have to do that with the Autoloaders. Also, the new ones have you passing one part of the strap under the boat so when you tighten it, it lifts the boat off the Autoloader and supports it with the strap. The neat thing about this is that the strap will conform to any hull shape.