The Best Energy Bar

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Sometimes at school, I get faint and weak because I feel in need of food so I decided to take Energy Bars to school. But I had the task of finding witch one had the best nutrients and didnt taste horrible. I tried some that tasted like rubber, some that was bassically pure sugar, and some that tasted great but was low in nutrients. After trying many, I decided on the Power Bar Protein Plus Vanilla Yogurt. It tastes great, a chewy vanilla center coated with sweet yogurt, and it has lots of nutrients. It has 300 clarolies, 23 grams of Protein, 38 grams of Carbohydrates, 19 grams of sugar, and 6 grams of fat (dont worry, no trans fat). So if you are looking for quick energy boost while paddling, I suggest these bars. I plan to take some of these with my kayaking alone with Gatarade and Nuts. And DO NOT drink energy drinks like Spike Shooter or Red Bull. its just caffine and Sugar and it makes You REALLY energetic and then you crash. You'll paddle eratically, then crash, and possibly not have energy to paddle back to shore, roll, or self rescue.

Sports Drinks such as Gatarade, on the other hand, Is MUCH better. It gives you energy another way, by giving your body water, Electrolites,some sugar, and Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates Are made into glucose for energy. Caffene just makes your brain real Hyper. If you drink Energy drinks like Spike or Red Bull, Your getting your energy the WRONG way. And, Caffeine Pushes water out of your body.

A honeybun washed down with
chocolate milk was my favorite.

Glad you liked that bar
And it sounds tasty to me. But different “bars” for different situations. If you are WW kayaking on a cold river and swim, you need immediately usable calories, not nutrition. So go for a packet of Goo. If you are paddling a sea kayak on a long crossing, then Gatorade in your bottle is a great ides. If you are stopping for lunch then a high protein bar may work ok (if you are lazy) but there are lots of options that are just as good, less processed, and more tasty.

Eat Beanee Weenees
and you’ll live to be at least 59 and counting.

I haven’t found an energy or protiens bar that I like so I’ll stick with Hershey’s milk chocolate.

Go Gatorade…my favorite

Mountain Dew and a Moon Pie
is all I need.

Of course, back when I used to race surf ski’s a little more often, my friends snuck a “Powered by Oreo’s” sticker on my back deck. The fact that they were close enough to being right guilted me into leaving the sticker on my ski.

My dad suggested Goo to me,
and of course I’m in more of the Sea kayak situation than the WW.

Peanut butter
I will not relinquish my Peanut butter.

Goes great with bread, jelly, bananas, celery, you name it. Nutella’s tasty but will never replace the real thing. I took a bunch of energy bars with me on that Apalach and came home with just as many as I’d left with. I DID eat my granola bars…mmmm…something else that goes with peanut butter or yogurt…yum. Breakfast time!

P14- if you’re experiencing bouts of hypoglycemia at school, then the goo is going to be better. No, you’re not WW kayaking and frankly it’s really overkill. Just try an apple or something to tide you over. Also goes well with peanut butter (protein you know).

I like the Power Bar Spam flavor

How about …
How about spam, spam, spam, spam, gorp, and spam

Spam an’ Tang

No thanks
I’ll stick with Caribou bars… Love that coffee flavor…

All I need.


penny for penny hard to beat Snickers!!

Thats what Consumer Reports said too
in a test a few years ago. The only problem with choclate covered candybars is that they get kinda messy on hot days. So in the summertime a Payday works well. You get the peanuts, the caramel and the nougat without the melted chocolate wrapper…