The best inflateable kayak?

What is the best inflateable kayak out there. Will be doing lakes and eastern Kentucky whitewater.

feathercraft is really good but often thought of as a folder.

The Advanced elements boats are pretty good anf their new fusion boat looks lake worthy.

Folboats have inflatable sponson.

Lots of other strickly inflatable boats will be pretty sad on a lake with any wind. But you might try a Helios

Innova Safari
I’d say the Innova Sunny except for the fact that you will be using it on whitewater. Innova makes good products.

whitewater inflatable
check out, the bandit comes in single or tandem. Light weight and great for whitewater

Check out the
They are out here on the west coast, but lots of general inflatable boat advise

It depends on what sort of paddling
you intend to do. Some companies are strongest in whitewater inflatables, others in flatwater cruising boats.

So, what kind of paddling do you want to do?

Lakes and whitewater.
I also weigh a tad under 300 pounds.

Not many boats are good at both,
especially inflatables. IKs tend to sit up in the water, so they need skegs to keep from blowing around on lakes. That skeg is a major liability in WW, where you need to quickly pivot the boat and avoid having currents catch the “edges” of the boat.

As mentioned above, is an excellent online source for information. If you think you will be paddling mostly lakes and some light (Class 1 or 2) rivers, you should probably look mor at a touring kayak with a removeable skeg (Innova Sunny). If you are class 3 or higher rivers, you should look at more Whitewater-specific boats (NRS was mentioned, Aire makes good products as well). The previously mentioned Innova Safari would be a good choice in either case, but I think has a weight limit of only 220.

In any case, you should probably get some instruction or at least get with a local club before you paddle any Whitewater. It’s nothing to screw around with, even with a fat inflatable.

have seen some of these used on some serious wwater out here in the West. Google some of the outfitters/guides in the Lotus area as one company uses them for their tag a-longs for their big commercial 6-8 person rafts.

With free shipping too…tempting.

How would that work on windy lakes?

I have been curious about the Saturns
for some time. The look well made, and the high-pressure drop stitch floors look nice. I have not found any reviews of them for flatwater, though. On the videos I have seen, they don’t appear to zippy.

I’m not interested enough to spend money on them yet.

I agree about the Innova’s
I have used several of the Innova flavors and agree, their quality and versatility is top notch. In solo configuration, they Sunny is great, but not if you’ll be crashing through serious waves and taking on water (no bailing holes). The Safari fits the bill better for that, but my Sunny gets used more.

My 2 cents on these kayaks are here: