The best paddling is in the middle of winter!

I really love winter paddling here in SC. Very few if any people out and about. The same can be said of the biting insects. You often have great clear skies, or dramatic clouds. The temperatures are so much more moderate than summer too. Here are a few photos from this Saturday’s coastal kayak paddle out to Bulls Island ocean side.
Garris landing.

Anderson Creek as it enters Bulls Bay.

Beach on Bulls Island.

Paddling Bulls Bay.

Shrimp boats at the dock.


thanks for sharing, one of these days I’m gonna make it to that area.

Wish I could have been there.

Nice pictures castoff. We’ve had some welcome SC-like days in Michigan this winter with stretches of weather in the 40’s and 50’s until we got the big whammy of “colder than the North Pole” weather and everything froze up.

Not too bad here in South Central Alaska

That looks like fun Chuck! I paddle near the ICW and you near ice! :wink:

Fabulous outing and pictures! Please ID the boats seen. Valley __ with blue hull strip? Greenland __ with green? Yellow decked ___?

Two older Valley Nordkapps which are different models, but I don’t know which. Though I think the green one is an HS. Mine is a 1997 North Shore Buccaneer.

I agree winter paddling is best in FLA too.

@Overstreet said:
I agree winter paddling is best in FLA too.

X’s two,
Nice here in the Keys when the temperature is around 80 and you can take a dip if you get hot

Yes, we have a kayak and paddleboard Demo-Day on Monday and a race next Wednesday…
Bring your sunscreen and Tilley… B)