The BEST WILD HORSES encounter ever at the Salt River, they are everywhere!

My sister in law and other people I have known camped on the same beach that the Chincoteague ponies frequent all said once was enough. I guess the ponies are dreadful mooches and would wander as far as inside the tent if it was big enough. And leave behind impressive piles of pony poop.

Personally I would still like to give it a go. I am coming to the conclusion that any travel well into 2021 is going to have to be domestic, so once the worst of the restrictions are up and have assembled a robust supply of masks I might make it there.

Celia, if you get down that way I can steer you to a few wonderful waterside rentals in Chincoteague. We were really pleased with the house we rented.

I like to camp. Being on the beach would be super cool however I’m fairly certain I don’t want to deal with cheeky ponies. A waterside house in Chincoteague is definitely a do-again. Hanging out on the screened in porch having coffee in the morning with our binoculars watching the ponies across the way was super cool. Plus, having the ability to drop in the water and paddle away made it so easy to enjoy the marshes.

Thanks! I hope to be back to you on that for next year, maybe sooner depending. I have mail in to a dude ranch that I want to return to later this year while I can still physically stand to the daily riding. I already reached out and know they want to retrieve this season. But whether they can between Canada’s restrictions for the spring, wranglers from Australia and at least 50% of their guests coming from outside of Canada is another matter entirely. With Chincoteague I could at least be among horses.