The Big Bend Saltwater Paddle Trail, Flo

There seems to be no discussion or comments regarding the Big Bend Saltwater Trail in NW Florida.

Has anyone paddled any portion of the trip? Nephews and friends and I will be doing the first leg early in May '10 and I’m just a bit curious as to what to expect. Sure, it’s not the ideal time as the heat will be turning up, but college kids have academic needs and requirements.

Having not paddled other than day trips along along the FL NW coastal areas, I’d be interested to hear from anyone who might have paddled the trail with regard to freshwater supply and preferred containers, and tide / trip mamagement issues any might have experienced.

I haven’t, but…
I can put you in touch with folks who have.

Shoot me an e-mail.

The Florida Saltwater Paddling Trail folks are planning a meeting near here in May, and Deb is working with them to find a location for it.