"the bob"

“the bob” I would like some advice on a local, Baton Rouge, Blackhawk Nighthawk. The boat is a 1986 in at 25 lbs. It is in like new condition.

What is a fair price please.



I’m not “The Bob”, but I’m doubtful of
The 25# weight, unless it’s the little 12’ long model, the Kittyhawk, I think.

"the bob"
It is 12’ so perhaps the Kittyhawk.

In either case?? $$$



Blackhawk Nighthawk

– Last Updated: Jul-23-16 7:30 PM EST –


Waterline length: 12' 10"
Overall length: 13'
Depth at center: 11 1/4"
Bow height: 17 1/2"
Stern height: 15 1/2"
Waterline width: 26"
Gunwale width: 28"
Weight range" 140 to 200 lbs.
Capacity: 260 lbs.
Weight: Silver layup/36 lbs. Gold layup/29 lbs.

What you may have? is an 11' 7" model of the Nighthawk. The Nighthawk Shadow Solo Sport Series
were sold in 11'7", 13', and 14'4" lengths. The 11'7" model was advertised as weighing 25 lbs. in the Gold layup, and 29 lbs in the Silver layup.

ALL above information was taken directly from a vintage Blackhawk brochure.

I think I now have 8 Blackhawks; haven't counted them lately. They have a tendency to breed & multiply. Anyone who uses the term "collectible" about Blackhawks is full of beans in my opinion.
I really like the styling of some of them; particularly the Starship, Shadow SS Special, Zephyr, and the Ariel. Generally I like the way they look, and how they paddle. None are perfect, nor is any canoe in my opinion. Specifically, I like the fact that not many other people own or paddle them.

Price: If I had some mad money, and really wanted the boat, for whatever reason; my top dollar would be $500.00 for a pristine example. But I would be more likely to offer $450.00, or less. I think $400.00 would be a real good deal. It is a fun, little boat to "play with" on a lake, or a moving water river, when not carrying a load of gear.

If you weigh anywhere near 200 lbs; you most certainly should do a test paddle of some duration. Don't just look at it, sit in it and buy it. You might regret that decision. It has a tendency to spit out heavy, novice, rookie and unskilled paddlers.

Would really like to see some photos, if it ends up in your hands. Good luck.

aka thebob

P.S. If you check out vintage Paddler, and Canoe & Kayak price guides; you will see a lot of variation on the length of quite a few Blackhawk models. I write this off as mostly poor exiting; not real changes in model length.

P.S. #2 A Nighthawk is essentially the same hull as the Fishhawk. Most Fishhawks were outfitted with wood/cane seats. Most Nighthawk were outfitted with pedestals. Of course you could special order variations. Custom ordered wood trim, made by naked, vestal virgins, was very beautiful, but was also very cost prohibitive..........


Blackhawk nighthawk
Thanks very much Bob. How about a physically fit woman of about 100 lbs and camping gear of a backpacking nature. Small and light?

I found your previous posts regarding this exact same boat from 2104.

I knew you were a Non Guru and Non Collector that’s why I ask.

Thanks again.


Don’t have Bob’s expertise
But I am pretty familiar with Blackhawks. That sounds like a very good fit to me.

Back to the future
Only a double, uber-non-guru has previous posts from the future, 2104. That’s the Bob. Too cool. :wink:

In my opinion, a 100 pound paddler with light weight/backpacking style camping gear would present no issue whatsoever.

I’m over 215 lbs; have paddled mine on lake, and moving water rivers for day floats without any issues.

I still suggest a good test paddle. That boat can be a little twitchy at first; especially with regard to initial stability. Nice, slow & easy on entering & exiting the boat. Don’t get your upper body out over the gunwales, unless you possess good bracing skills. After some seat time, you’ll start to notice it has fairly good secondary stability. Pretty fast for such a short boat; attaining & maintaining speed is quite easy. Hard turns require a little planning; especially for novice paddlers. It will ship some water in good sized wave trains, and on drops; carry a sponge or bailer…

Good luck,


"the bob"
Thanks again Bob you advice is very much appreciated.


Trust the Bob on this
It is NOT for a big guy. Got in one ONCE, thought it was trying to kill me…yes, I am a big guy.