The Burmeister guidebooks

I’m thinking about ordering a couple of volumes of Burmeister’s Appalachian Waters Looking at the page counts (600 and 940 pages, respectively), how detailed are these guides? Does he cover every river in their respective systems?

alas I’m turning into datakoll, another link that might help, used copies on amazon for $5.00, I say take the plunge, one can not have enough old out of date guidebooks- the rivers don’t change much, but it would be nice if Burmeister paddled all the stretches, these guides could give you an idea of what to expect and then you could google for more current info

I’ll use them as a reference. I bought the Susquehanna and upper Ohio volumes. I’ll wait on the others.

I received my copy of The Susquehanna River and it’s Tributaries today.

I like how he considers the northern part of Chesapeake Bay as part of the Susky (Geologically correct, as the bay is the Ria of the Susquehanna)