The calm before the storm

Is she now your dog?
27° here and windy. Just finished a retrieving session in the front yard. I think Honey enjoys the cold.
Supposed to be 52 and sunny Thursday. That temp is stretching our self imposed limits but we are on willing to delay cabin fever.

Currently 1 degree F here in Pittsburgh, PA, with a minus 23 windchill. Only a light dusting of snow but there is black ice beneath. I live on a dead end block that 90’s off a steep side street halfway up the hill. No way to leave here by vehicle without either having to try to climb the icy 20% grade one way or slide down the other way which feeds directly at a blind intersection onto the traffic path of the 4 lane Lincoln Highway with trucks and other traffic flying towards your trajectory. I saw my life flash before my eyes a few years ago when my car began an uncontrolled slide on black ice there as I frantically pumped the brakes, . Car finally stopped just inches from a semi truck coming from the left – felt the air blast from it jolt the car. A split second longer slide and I’d have been broadsided.

Got plenty of stuff to keep me busy at home for now and am incredibly relieved that I got a new furnace installed two weeks ago. A day for the sheepskin slippers, fleece sweats and a big old fluffy sweater.

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No clue what you mean.

All of you in South Florida: beware the iguanas falling from the trees.

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Almost had to do cold water rescue. Giacomo jumped off the deck. He was looking but I didn’t think he’d jump. When there’s no :sweat_drops: he just flies off like Superman. I call him Fat Boy but he’s not fat at all. Ribs are just under his skin and his legs are all muscle :muscle:. He has a crush :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: on Paris. :laughing:

Water came up to exact spot as hurricane Irene.

Phone dropped out of my pocket into 6" of saltwater yesterday and I grabbed it fast. Still working. :laughing: in


Polly is still just a loaner. She also likes the snow and cold until temps drop to sub-zero. She quickly learned to go out off leash, find a good spot and do her business, then run back to the house as fast as she can.

Stay safe everyone. We had true whiteout conditions here yesterday. There’s a stretch of I-94 nearby that runs right along the Lake Michigan shoreline that can get pretty dicey in the winter; it’s the only place I’ve ever seen a police car off the road. The wind gusts (55 mph yesterday) come directly off the lake and hit vehicles broadside and when the roads are slick vehicles get blown right off the road. The good news is that the first day of the storm is the worst and then things slowly get better. It’s already 12 degrees here today. :neutral_face:

Cold and windy in central Maryland, but lucky with no ice, snow or rain. Poor little Giacomo.

I’m familiar with those Pittsburgh streets. No place to be driving on when they are iced up. I still remember (~7 at the time) my dad locking up the wheels & sliding down one of the North Side streets coming back from the Planetarium. He may have hit a pareked car before he slid out onto ??Forbes??

It’s looking like maybe only one day to get the X-country skiis out between too cold & windy & too warm and sloppy. The good thing is that the snowmelt might bring the river up for our New Years Day paddle. It was the lowest I’ve seem on our Solstice paddle on Wednesday.

Perils of on water living. :joy:

Mulch float :smiley: great.

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UGH! Sorry to see that PaddleDog. A co-worker lives in East Rockaway and awoke to find here car 3/4 submerged. The neighborhood was not expecting such flooding, so no one moved their cars to higher ground. I hate when water migrates to where it doesn’t belong!

Saved in the nick of time.

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Low teens in eastern NC, with wind chills 0-10. Some areas ~ an hour away, are having rolling blackouts. Duke Energy cut power to a 1/2 million people. The promised 15-30 minute blackouts are going on for hours. First rolling blackouts ever in this state.

This global warming is rough!

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Wow. Dislike.

Turns out Polly is good to go at 15F and was very happy to get back on her routine.


So sorry, PD52


Honey had fun in the only snow she’s ever seen.


Thanks no real damage :wink:. Hurricane Sandy was $230,000 in damage. Wiped out bottom floor with 28" of :sweat_drops::ocean:. Thank goodness for insurance although it was pulling teeth in a shark. If you didn’t have the money insurance companies forced people to accept what they deemed sufficient. They let people hang until 3/4 of a loaf :bread: was better than full :bread: year or two down the road. For people with one story house it was worse. We had a kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom upstairs also. We could live comfortably but if it’s all wiped out you’re out of the house at family, rental, or a hotel. Few houses are still left ruined 10 years later. If you had kids or pets and had to get out I’d says it was even worse.

Garage floor is 6" lower so they tried to pay zero on that. They wanted to classify it as a basement with different coverage. They suck!

So when they gave some money and then drag their feet they expected you to cave. They were told it’s all repaired see you in court. They issued the finale check in 10-14 days which is fast for insurance companies.

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My Granddaughter, Elliott, was thrilled to hear they named a storm after her :slight_smile: guess a difference of perspective :heart:

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