The calm before the storm

Lake Michigan today. Nice.

Weather forecast says 45-55 mph winds Friday with possible 20 foot waves on The Lake. Plus system snow followed by lake effect snow. Blizzard conditions. Wind chill temps around -25 to -35 on Christmas eve and Christmas.

But the weatherman has given a 100% guarantee for a white Christmas. I imagine that you folks down south must be pretty jealous. :wink:


Post a video when you’re out in those conditions. :laughing:

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We are going to be cold but 50 mph winds on Friday are more concerning. We have many
large trees in the neighborhood. Several can reach our house if they fall.

Not cold here but the 24 inches of snow from last weekend and 50 degree temps with 3 inches of rain followed by a hard freeze== ice skating.

Your choice of conveyance.

Oh and the trees weakened by last weekends storm… lets just say the 300 out of state utility trucks that spent a rough 72 hours restoring power… they may be back. Some of the trees didn’t quite give.

This is not Elliott. Our Maine weathermen are calling it the Grinch storm… We had perfectly good white snow… And the Grinch will take it away.

I’m not jealous at all, I have gone to see snow a few times and realized that I don’t want to deal with it.

Besides I have somewhere north of 100 orchids to hall in, two veggie gardens to try to save, all while trying to get food cooked for Christmas.

I don’t mean to sound like a grinch, but you can keep it up your way.


Got about the same conditions and forecast as TomL here. Tomorrow will likely involve a lot of shoveling and a bit of shivering. But its just beautiful now. I just went out and the woods are absolutely silent but for the distant hooting of an owl. There’s no wind, 14F, and a few flurries are drifting down. The storm is a few hours off, I’d guess. Beautiful night. A fire in a wood stove is a wonderful thing.


@TomL no! My favorite snow starts around 3:00 pm and drops 4 inches during the night, with 45° the next day to melt it away. My driveway runs on the south side of my house where the sun is blocked by the neighbor’s house. The snow refreezes to ice when temps remain above freezing. Can’t use neighbors yard, so it gets pushed from the front to the bottom, 30 feet of house and 40 feet of driveway. My family room at the back gives 3 wall views of the gently falling wonder and perimeter lighting gives beautiful nightime effect. Unfortunately, the wood fireplace is in the front room on the road side.

Stashing your firewood in your back porch is also quite wonderful. No generator but a good wood stove, lots of buckets of water and head lamps at the ready should the power go out. Which it probably will with a forecast of blizzard conditions and wind gusts of 50 mph and up to two feet of snow. Just hoping the roads will be cleared by Christmas Day so I can travel to family.


That’s a nice stash you have there… Mine’s behind the back porch but less than ten feet from the back door. Gives me a chance to stick my head outside for a little bit every few hours. Its all good.


Two inches of rain with temps in the 50’s today and tomorrow in southern New England. Strong winds and high tides, but that is about it. Then things get cold, but not as cold as you guys. No white Christmas for us, but hopefully the rivers will be up next week. :wink:

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Was looking forward to a NY paddle this weekend looks like it’s scrapped :joy:

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The Weather Channel named the storm Elliott ( much to the displeasure of my neighbor) but the weatherfolks here in Maine are calling it the Grinch… Some lovely amounts of snow came down last weekend to the delight of skiers and riders and now we will need to get the boats out again. 3-4 inches of rain…

Boating will be brief… By Sat the roads will all be a sheet of ice as well as driveways. And the trees weakened by last weekend storm ( heavy snow) will come down. On power lines. Again… The 300 or so line crews that finally went home after four days may be called out again on Christmas; so I feel for those working people … And the ones that can’t afford a generator to power their furnace or pellet stove.

I think winds are supposed to be hurricane force.

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It’s even going to be cold in Florida - Sat/Sun high in St Pete 48F with lows around 36F. It only gets that cold here every few years - last time we were in the 30s for lows was several years ago. I know that sounds tame but remember that many people don’t have legitimate heat in their houses here, and I live on a boat. :cold_face: And I need to paddle this weekend to get my miles for the month (almost at 1000 for the year!)

Nice. My high year was only 626 miles.

The Grinch taketh away,
and the Grinch will giveth back.
Who ville say what will come a Christmas Day
and weather or not it comes a whippin’ to the Max.

Sing it, Thurl! (and vote, “SEASICK CROCODILE!”)


I heard the owl, he called a name.
I suspect it was not mine.
In snowy woods my soul begins to creep.
A lovely respite as I stand my time.
My winter still to define.

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A woman for all seasons, with a winter’s worth of firewood stacked by your kayak! Stay safe and warm.

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There would be no difference between a real video and you just staring at a white sheet of paper and using your imagination.

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Forecast is 50 here by New Year’s! But it’s 3 now and 3 days of flash freeze conditions may well affect my put-in that seemed so nice yesterday. I think I even have to skip the dog’s daily walk to the river since it’s too far when her feet (and most dog’s feet) pack up with ice and cause problems.

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