The Canoe film is out

I’ve been watching the trailers for awhile now. I just found the links to the movie tonight on Facebook (There is some value there).

This is beautiful and very well done. It’s time to get the racks back on the car. There is no lack of open water as warm as it has been here.

Watched it last night; wonderful scenes. Made me homesick for open water as it’s snowy and cold up here. Thanks for the link.

A delight. Thanks for posting it.

Very nice. Enjoyed it a lot.

I call all that swirling air turbulence that’s seen in the underwater views of the paddle strokes to be artistic license. Good paddlers would strive for a quieter stroke who’s efficiency is not hindered by all that captured air. Of course, you might expect that from the beginning paddlers among them. Anyway, you see similar forms of artistic license in most films of that sort.

Yes, very nice indeed. Thanks for posting it.

Its a very good reminder of the importance of getting the youngsters out there on the water - and in time to make it a resolution for the new year if we’re so inclined. Seeing that films like this are still being made, that these attitudes are still being expressed, that there is still gratitude and appreciation of natural beauty as well as the human characteristics that are engendered by contact with such things, is the antidote for the rampant vulgarity that seems so prevalent these days.
Thank you again.

Beauty on the water. Thanks for passing it along!

Quite enjoyable. The narration at the beginning and end was a bit pompous and over the top, but I enjoyed all the profiles in between.