The Conch Republic's Revenge

On April 18, 1982, the United States Border Patrol established a roadblock on U.S. Highway 1, just south of Florida City. The only access point by land from the Florida Keys to the mainland was closed, and people leaving the Keys were treated as though they were exiting a foreign country.This led to secession and the formation of the Conch Republic.

Today the Conch Republic closed the road INTO the Key’s to visitors due to the virus. KEEP US SAFE… Payback is a b***h…


Is Buffet still your President?

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I’m not sure about payback, but as of yesterday there were already 14 cases in the keys. This may be a case of “closing the barn door after the horse is already out”. Of the 14 positives, only 2 were from non-residents.

Worth a try as we border the most effected county in Florida…
Trying to stop the day trippers.

The Governor just stopped all vacation rentals in the state.
Checks on all rivals from the NE epicenter and planing some sort of bans from the New Orleans area.

Strange times…

Strange times indeed, and I agree it’s worth a try. I know LKMC is pretty good sized, but if the Keys continue to get hard it won’t be able to keep up. I don’t know how many ventilators they have, but I’m sure it’s not many. My county has had low numbers so far, but I think it’s more a case of very few tests. We get a lot of people passing through for ski season, but with the resorts closed that traffic is done.

So I go to the supermarket this morning about 24hrs after the road was closed. Mid morning no crowds and they had TP and paper towels. Not fully stocked but gaining towards it.
Crazy happenings but Florida had too many visitors that didn’t take this seriously.

Wish we could do the same up here in northern Michigan. Been a spike in positives because downstaters from hot spots are coming up to visit their summer homes and cleaning out the local stores to stock up.

Some in the upper peninsula want the Mackinac Bridge shut down, but they seem to have forgotten about that Wisconsin border.