The Consensus Seems to be Lexel

For the repair of bulkheads in Poly boats. Has anyone tried the new GE “super” caulk (available from the big box stores.)???

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To specifically answer your question - No have not tried that product. Lot’s of threads on sealants over the years. Lexel & 3M5200 - have good luck with both. Anything with silicone - bad news, doesn’t seal well and leaves a residue that complicates redo with other products.

What he said.

Stick with products that are known to work. If you can’t find them locally, you can find one of the GOOP products at any big-box store. For best results, you’ll probably need to thin GOOP with some toluene, as it’s a bit thicker than Lexel or 3M 4200/5200.

does anyone know
what the gray stuff is on the newer WS kayak bulkheads? I’m accustomed to the clear Lexel… this stuff looks like Hondabond engine sealant.

This post exposes me as the total dork i truly am but here’s your answer:

Engineered Materials EM89 Grey Premium grade synthetic sealant. Part #30600023. Keep out of reach of children.

Your best bet for obtaining this wonder material is probably by going to your L.K.S. and asking them to get some from Confluence. If they are exceptional they might have some left over from a previous repair that they would give you.


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I don't need it yet, but it looks/feels superior to Lexel and so someday I would like to try it to reseal the bulkheads on an older Lexel'd boat :)

(edit) looks like Tom's carries it:

$24.99 for 5 ounces?!
Yikes! I’ll stick with Lexel, GOOP or 4200/5200.