The CrossBo redefines surfboard transpor

Wondering what you stand-up paddlers think of this new invention. It can easily be modified to work with SUPs! I’d be very interested in your opinions.


A new product making it easier to mount your surfboard on a roof rack has just launched on Kickstarter. Created by an aerospace engineer living in San Diego, this new product has the potential to redefine surfboard transportation. It takes the hassle out of getting your board to the beach.

The aerospace engineer, Benjamin Taylor, says he invented it while on his way into work.

“One day, while driving into work, I had a light bulb moment!” he says.

Since then Taylor has been designing and engineering the CrossBo to work with standard roof rack systems and almost any surfboard. He believes there are a lot of surfers out there looking for a solution like this. A product that is fast, easy and simple to use and doesn’t require bolted-on hardware.

The CrossBo will be on Kickstarter for 30 days (ending September 3rd) and Taylor hopes to raise more than $90,000 to pay for expensive tooling and manufacturing costs. Following that, if this surfboard product is successful, he plans to use the same idea for SUPs, skis and snowboards.

Use the following link to find the CrossBo on Kickstarter.

This is a classic example of what I call a “solution without a problem”. Cam straps, done. My one set of 15 foot cam straps (about 10 bucks) will hold one, two, three, or four boards safely and securely on my roof. Takes 30 seconds. Sorry