The current value of an Old Town Appalachian

I’m trying to determine the current value of an Old Town Appalachian in excellent shape. Thanks.

What year was it made?

Good boats. They cost around 1,300-1,400 new.
Depending on the age, around $600-800.

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I always start at half retail plus. The plus depends on condition and demand.

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I’ve had it a least 20 yrs. Don’t know the date of manufacture.

Agree with ppine and string, unless somebodybis looking for that model boat.

If you go to you can type ‘Appalachian Canoe’ in the search field and it will give you a range of prices for the last 5 years. Shoppok takes a snapshot of what gets listed on Craigslist and provides a record long after the ad gets deleted from Craigslist (you do get duplicate ads). Looks like a range of $500-$1500 based on condition.

Thank you all for your input.

You have some good guide points, but the bottom line is everything for sale is only worth what someone wants to pay and how badly the person selling it wants it gone. Of course condition and age factor in but location and what is trending in the area where you live plays a part.

Where I live a used rec-kayak even the cheapest of models will sell next day this time of year for about half the original price. It is the time of year people are getting ready and may need an additional kayak. Canoes are not as popular here. Out of 100 people looking to paddle here maybe 5 will conceder or be looking for a canoe if it is a large tandem even less. I’m sure there are areas where canoes are more in demand.

The thing about canoes and more expensive kayaks is people will travel some distance to buy a used one. 100 miles is not out of the question if it is what you are looking for. So plan where you post it as such. Like I said I will see a facebook post saying anyone need a rec-kayak and 10 minutes later they will post sorry its gone. I sometimes see a nice canoe priced fairly on CL and it will be on there all summer. That’s here where you live could be much different.

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