The Dangers of Pit Toilets

If you are in a place that needs a pit toilet, there is still no cell phone reception, so why did she have her phone out?

In Florida you count snakes by digging pits for them to fall into. Did it often when I was in the Environmental Business.

Look first

Once she retrieved her phone she called 911 for help. So, yes there was cell service where she was. There are plenty of remote areas in the US that have cell reception.

Here is the one we had where I worked.


I like that one… new meaning to climbing the ladder of success.
We have some still functioning outhouses around in settled areas. Including three story ones… yes still in use. In Bryant Pond which does have cell service but prides itself by having the last crank phone service that was discontinued 39 years ago. They pride themselves on new is not necessarily better.

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Ah, one of these days, I hope to hike some of that section. I’ve had the fortune to avail myself of some of the pit toilets along the VA/MD/PA sections.

Since it’s attached to the building, shouldn’t it be called an “inhouse”?

Reminds me of what happened to the country singer, Mel Tillis. He was jabbing around in a pit toilet with a stick. A person asked what he was after, and he replied, my coat. The person said you don’t plan to wear it do you! He said heck no, but my sammich is in the pocket.