The "Day After" the Day After Turkey Day paddle

We had Iowa guest so we went paddling. Water was warm, air was warm and the traffic wasn’t bad on the river.

OK, its not a river but a spring run. Think little creek fed by really clear water. Juniper Spring run is a nice paddle in the Ocala National Forest. It is US Forest Service camp ground and spring run operated by a contractor.

The run is 7 miles long and kind of narrow. Your best paddling strokes and reading the current will keep you out of the trees and off the banks. They don’t allow disposable containers, bottled water, canned drinks and sandwich bags. It is standard for some of the spring run parks in Florida.

We put in just before noon. It was a slow start. Which was good cause the air was chilly earlier. We paddled with no real dificulties. It was a good paddle just short of three hours. Experienced paddles should note that most people on this water will not be going fast or “straight”. So be patient.

I’d put it on your to do list if you come to Florida.

ps…You can get a discount for park admission with your National Park Senior card. You get 50% discount. For the three of us it was $8.00+/-. The shuttle for the driver and boat cost $12.75, with a $20 deposit. The “deposit” is so they can charge you if you get to the take out after 4:30pm or damage equipment. I just got the shuttle for me, the driver, so we could load the boats on our trailer. They asked if there was any damage…I was fine.


Looks like a very nice paddle

It’s a very nice paddle; I’ve been fortunate to have done it twice. It is best suited to shorter, more maneuverable boats but I did it in a Tarpon 160 and only ate a little brush.

I looked up the water temperature - 70 degrees! Looks like a great paddle.

I helped load some rental boats so my ride could leave. The rental canoes were full of leaves and twigs.

Generally spring water is a constant 72 degrees year round. This is why manatees go to the springs.

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