The day Mad River merged with W.S.

Heres’ a link to a 1998 article about the merger of Mad River Canoe and Wilderness Systems kayaks

As a follow up to this story, Andy Zimmerman, formerly of Wilderness Systems, has recently developed the Native Watercraft series that is becoming very successful.

Since then
both have been bought by Confluence who also owns Dagger, Perception, Harmony, and AT now.

And they are really screwed up!

Since you haven’t got a question,
what are you advising us to do?

buy low, sell high

answering a question, that’s all
"and they are really screwed up"

Do you know that for a fact or are you just summarizing other generalized statements you’ve read on

“What are you asking us to do?”

Over the past several years the question of when Mad River Canoe left Vermont has come up, and I’ve seen answers everywhere from 1985 to 2005. So I thought it would be useful to post an article giving a more accurate time frame of 1998.

Andy Zimmerman, mentioned in the article, is no longer part of Confluence Watersports and has started Legacy Watersports which has bought out Compass and Liquid Logics, so far. And the consolidation continues.

did not buyout LL
they merged…a wee bit different…

ll seemed to need a bigger backer…and so has become part of the legacy family but is still under LL management…