The Dead River, Eustis ME

Looking to get some information on running the Dead River in Eustis, ME from Chain of Ponds to Flagstaff lake. Anyone ever done this before? I just got back from paddling Chain of Ponds and met up with someone who has done that many times, but said it can get rough at times. Information anyone?

Arnold’s Way
I haven’t paddled the stretch, but I’ve been along there many times. There are several sets of falls and probably the bigger issue is the water level can get very low in the late summer and fall.

The power company also lowers the level of Flagstaff in the fall, so you may be paddling in the river bed instead of a lake upon arrival.

Benedict Arnold’s Expedition ascended the Dead River here in October of 1775 on his way to attack Quebec City. He had the opposite experience and ran into a late season hurricane. The flood waters overturned some of his bateau in this section.

with Central Maine Power to find out when they will be lowering the level of the lake, otherwise you will be dragging, not paddling your boat