the Dogwoods are blooming ...

… that means Smallmouth fishing in the rivers is hot .

The Cherry Bloosoms mean it’s beginning .

my calander

I like your calendar…what state?

we concentrate our Smallmouth efforts …
… in PA., VA. and MD. this time of year .

Things started off slow at the end of Mar. when we got going , but that’s typical . Weather and water conditions were all over the spectrum during the past 30 days . In general the rivers we fish have been low for this time of year … we like em a bit higher but we take what we get .

May 2
Is when fishing season starts here. Regardless of whats blooming.

Got the reels spooled with new line, restocked the jig heads and tails, fish lisence ready. Now just wait til May 2.

I see you are up north a ways …
… why May 2nd , is that because the ice is clear then ??

You could go fishing earlier if you wanted to , right ?? Or isn’t it allowed before then ??


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Procincial law. Cant go near any water with a fishing rod without a anglers lisence. Not even your bathtub lol.

The NOFISH (illegal as in poaching) time is from end of March to first weekend in May. Getting caught fishing in that time is big fine and possible jail.

I know its only 1 month but since I dont ice fish, its October to May.

Ahh ice is too thin to safely icefish anyway, and to thick for any safe boating. Most lakes still have some ice still by May.

Thank god fishing season opens tomorrow lol