The Eclipse was beautiful!

The time at full was extraordinary.

I agree. I thought I had seen a solar eclipse before. Nope. Found out Monday that totality is wondrous, awesome, extraordinary. We saw the shadow bands right after totality. Freaky.

I agree, as I was on center line in Missouri. Truly spectacular and spiritual. The last clear sky eclipse I saw was in 1970, so it has been a while. Missed seeing any shadow bands this time, was too busy looking up. But I will hopefully have another chance. My home in the Adirondacks happens to be very near the 2014 center line path.

One Too Many Coronas, Eh?

The eclipse was beautiful!
The eclipse was beautiful!
String’s two suns were spotted.
Raisie Cain if Abel
spotlight the fable
'fore primetime show was slotted.

Thence tilted heads
squinted their dread
camera obscura “CHEESE!”
“Sol our loon, arggh!”
skied pirate’s scar
shadowed my photic sneeze.

A subject so nice
He posted it twice

Clingmans Dome was clear and the eclipse was worth posting twice, even if it was a mistake.

We saw it in Madras, Oregon. Left Eugene, OR at midnight–a long day, but worth it. Hard to describe the feeling.

One of the greatest things I’ve ever seen in my life.