The elusive Winnonah canak

So I’m desperately trying to find a winnonah canak for a project. I’ve tried all the paddling pages I can think of and even contacted winnonah. Can anyone think of someone or someplace I have missed ?

Thanks for your input

I know of one in Alaska. But I don’t think it is for sale.

Lol…I’ll travel from Maine or NEPA. But Alaska may be a stretch

Might be easier to track one down on line if you spell Wenonah correctly. Also often written as We-no-nah in the olden days.


Who doesn’t appreciate a unsolicited spelling lesson ?

Someone looking for something so specific certainly should appreciate it


Ordinarily I would sympathize with the unsolicited spell check criticism. But I believe in this case it was just an honest attempt to help streamline your searches. It seemed sincere to me. No need to get upset.


Lol…I’m not upset, but I will be sure to slap my talk to text through the mouth !

wappa wappa SIRI! She always misunderstands me!.. I think you are looking for a rare bird. What about the Canak interests you?

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I love the hull design. we have one and a prism which we really like for float camping and installing various still photo equipment for wildlife photography.

Software algorithms can interpret SOME misspellings, but brand names, not so much. As others pointed out, I was recommending you assure that you are accurate in the spelling to facilitate any web searches.

Have you set up an automated Craigslisting search?

It’s all good , just having fun. I live in Maine and im traveling to NE Pennsylvania for work 3 weeks at a time this summer. I’m actually retired but thats a whole other story, Anyway no luck on either end

The Canak is an interpretation of the Prism Nothing original about it. It is similar to the North star Wenonah decided to make those funky useless hatches that are not water tight.

Canak is another of the ever increasingly popular pack canoes

Northstar makes several. So do Hornbeck Boat Works, Slipstream, Placid Boatworks.

Northstar and Placid make the longer pack canoes similar to the Canak… There is a Placid Boatworks Shadow for sale somewhere. Its a screamer.

So is the Falcon by Savage River.

Not quite sure I’m getting your point. I already own a prism and a canak. I simply like the boat and need another . No science involved I just like these boats

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I am at the Western PA solo canoe rendezvous this weekend and one of the attendees has a pristine Rob Roy for sale. Close, but no cigar (for you).

how much?

I just went looking for Rex, the Rob Roy owner - boat is still here but he went home (lives near the campground) . I will try to PM you — no price posted on the boat. It really looks like new.

Sent you a PM with contact info on the Rob Roy but can’t tell if it went through.

I got it …thanks

canak for sale in Moscow Iowa on facebook marketplace. Not mine just for info on a hard to find boat.

Happy Paddling