The Fishermans Prayer

God, grant that I may live to fish

until my dying day.

and when it comes to my last cast,

I then most humbly pray:

When in the Lord’s

safe landing net

I’m peacefully asleep

That in his mercy I be judged

as big enough to keep.

author unknown

I like it alot …

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..... I don't believe He will ever break His promises to those who freely recieve them ...toss one of His back in , never happen according to His words to us , we shall forever be keepers in His care ...

That moves me
I love the images and comfort in the words.

But in this instance only, I’m glad the Lord is not a catch release fisherman…

like I am! :slight_smile:


So where would you go
If He did throw you back in?

i guess
i’d be back here?

catch and release until they’re big enough is not a concept that began with anglers.

nobody left behind
Gods will is that none parrish but that all may have life and have it more abundantly. He loves us enough that while we were yet sinners he sent his only son provided as a scape goat to pay our penalty. He longs to lavish us with his love and riches and to be there for us. I once heard a story about a man that had lived his whole life in sin. Then one day he realized he came to the lord and said he was so sorry that he had waisted most of his youth and the better more useful time of his life in sin. The lord told him that those were the things he could not use. So receive his gift of love and enjoy the benefits. They are free to all who will receive. Thank God for his mercies.

its cool though
if you live long enough, God can and will use a lot of that bad stuff and you to help people who are where you were. it’s great to know exactly where people are going next because you’ve all ready been through it. God does want us to give him all of us, including the bad stuff. thanks for your post bananna boat. you will find many christians here in p-net. we’re not as vocal as some of the non believers but we’re here just the same.

salt of the earth
It is good to know that we can talk about paddling and have Christian fellowship to.

Very Good To Know!!

Proverbs 30:5

Well I did it again
It looks like I have killed another post. Dog gone it. I didn’t mean to just the spirit moves. When God tenderly speaks how will they know if you don’t speak for me. Yall don’t have to quit replying on my account. Reply and enjoy this is fishing.

You’re not a threadkiller
this is a slow-moving forum.

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Thanks BigD