The Fishing Trip

I thought folks might enjoy this fish tale. We get a long weekend here in Ontario to start August. I took the Friday before off too and made it a 4 day weekend so I could take Peter, my youngest up to Algonquin for some fishing. He kicked my butt fishing for trout last summer, so I switched it up and we headed to the lower end of the Petawawa River which is supposed to hold Muskie and Walleye/Pickerel in addition to Smallmouth. Peter’s been looking to catch a Muskie for a few years now. I didn’t have huge hopes of actually hooking one but figured it was worth a shot.

Here’s the fish story that came out of the trip. Hope you enjoy it.

pretty cool trip …
… some youngins seem to be blessed with a silver spoon don’t they .

Glad you all had a good time , pretty lookin waters !!

Silver spoons
Indeed and this was after he kicked my butt fishing lake trout and splake last summer. Although, he was actually using a gold spoon that time - a Williams Wabler to exact. :slight_smile: