The foam core in my paddle

came loose. What kind of glue is best to use to reglue it?

Came loose?
You mean, knocking around in there? I’d send teh paddle back to the manufacturer, warranty or no warranty, an they’ll likely fix it.

not enough information

foam in shaft

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You mean the foam in the paddle shaft, not a foam core blade right? A lot of paddles have foam in the shaft to displace water if they ever go overboard while not joined. Hot glue would work I imagine. Can you remove the foam completely or will you be trying to secure it while it is still in the shaft? If you cna pull it out, a gooey glue like crazy glue or show (EDIT: I mean Shoe) goo might work better.

In the shaft
and it came loose completely. I will try some crazy glue. Thanks

Before you use crazy glue on your foam core, call the paddle manufacturer. Closed-cell foam can react strangely with other chemicals. I’d choose the hot-glue gun, if I were doing it.

Could be just fine, but better safe than sorry.