The Ginger Worked

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Many, many thanks Pnet brothers and sisters. Last weekend I used ginger as seasick prevention just like y'all had suggested. I had tried it before but the ocean was calm so I didn't really get a good test. Well last Saturday there was enough motion in the ocean to cause stomach commotion and I felt fine all day. Maybe it was the ginger. Thanks again.

(seasickness makes me look forward to death)

ginger is the ticket
what did you use? the ginger candies? or did you stop by the local sushi store and pick it up sliced and raw?


Two stages of seasickness
The first stage is when you feel like you will die.

The worse stage is when you realise you’re not going to die.

I Used the Candied Ginger

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Much tastier than the pickled ginger a coworker suggested.

I think it was Pikabike who suggested the candied ginger and said where it would be in the store.

Ah’ like MaryAnn better
But Miss Crabtree be de best.

Fat Elmo

as a
preventative or as a curative?

“Mythbusters” confirmed it
several years ago. They created a copy of the NASA “Vomit chair”, and used it on several cast members susceptible to seasickness. They tried a number of chemical and physical remedies, and Ginger beat all of them.

Dramamine worked, but it rendered the subjects useless, because it made them act as if they were drunk. Ginger matched it’s performance without side effects.

Next time envision yourself eating
a wadful of that ginger candy. In yout mind’s eye.

That’ll work also.


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I ate some before bed. Some with my coffee in the morning. Some right before getting on the water. Some on the water.

I think it was Flatpick who said to have some the night before getting on the water.

Does anybody know…
Would ginger Altoids also work?

… likely.

Good strong ginger beer too, and faster (not enough ginger in plain old ginger ale).

Out In The Hamptons
I wish I had enticpated feeling ill on this one trip when a bunch of friends went fishing for shark. We were too far out for me to even think about asking to return to land when it hit me. It never helps to drink the night before you go out on a boat.

I sat on the bow, sandwich in hand, resting on my stomach, unable to move. It sure made for a strange suntan. I never did that again.


How much of that ginger do you have to consume to make it work and how close to getting on the water would you take it?


and generally avioding
caffiene and alcohol. that’s the tough part for me in the morn, as i too prefer coffee, but it’s not ideal for sea sickness avoidance.

ginger capsules
I’ve had good luck using ginger capsules to combat nausea, but have never tried them for motion/seasickness. They are pretty easy to come by. fwiw.

Candied ginger
There are at least two kinds of candied ginger that I’ve seen: a sugar-coated cut dried ginger type (think of dried fruit), and a ginger jelly that comes in individually wrapped pieces. The first type is more gingery than the second.

I’m glad it worked for you.

Now, you gotta try ginger ice cream some time. But not the night before a rough-water paddle. I don’t know if having high-fat dairy product in your digestive system might cause distress, despite the ginger.

See “Prevention” Above
I had a sandwich and a soda shortly before getting on the water. Maybe that helped?

I use the Altoids,

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After the paddle to get rid of that feeling of still going up and down the waves. Takes only 5 minutes after I crunch a half dozen or so.

Food helps

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Maybe not the soda, but the sandwich yes. One of the biggest mistakes people make to avoid being sea sick is to go out on an empty stomach. I'm not saying that you should have a pig out feast just before, or that you should fill up with the world's greasiest eggs and bacon platter. But you do need to have something in your stomach to help "hold things down" as my father said.

I think what is happening is that it keeps your stomach from churning the acidic fluid that starts to build up when you are really hungry. Whatever, we always had to make sure we ate something before going out on a fishing boat.

Anyone know if ginger causes
vasoconstriction, or affects the sympathetic versus parasympathetic nervous system balance?

There was a NASA biofeedback study in which they trained subjects to vasoconstrict and swing to sympathetic (I believe) bias to combat space sickness.