The good news is Pungo can ROll

The bad news is Im certainly not at a level where I will be able to do until months of practicing. The guy who was my first roll instructor was like “Im not sure I will be able to roll it” The dude did it in one try and made it look so easy. Not to mention the fact that he must know how to roll like 30 different ways or styles. He must have shown me like 11 or 12 different ways at the lake shit I lost count. Anyways much thanks to him hes an excellent teacher, definetely inspiring. I feel bummed I couldnt do it my first try at it today in his kayak but I did learn a lot about the mechanics of it more than any roll dvd could teach me, fricken way more. It was fun and I’ll keep trying. It was hard for me for three reasons: one, you do have to fight that natural urge to want to bring your head up first. Secondly being in the pre hip snap position if your not used to it can be disorienting and throw off your equilibrium . I have only been sea sick 1 other time my entire life. Ive been on boats of all kinds my entire life since i was a toddler in Lake of the Woods Canada. I got sea sick once on a stormy day deep sea fishing in Tampa Florida and that was a day that was extremely rough on the water. But today I kept getting this intense queezy sensation everytime I got in that prehipsnap position. It might have been the fact that I pigged out before the lesson. it was probably just the disorientation. I wasnt like puking but It felt like my head was spinning dizzy which made it hard to keep my bearings. 3rd problem I had was to remember to snap the hip before engaging the paddle at all. It really is all about engaging the knee to bring about the hip snap. I will “keep hope alive,” and keep trying. I dont think I will have a sandwhich and chili the next time before I attempt a roll session, that might help.

Keep at it and . . .
recognize you may take a step backward now and then. I’ve been making good progress on my rolls and took a last minute whitewater class this afternoon. My intent was not to spend much time on rolls, but figured I would take advantage of having an instructor available. We clearly were not speaking the same language and I must have been out of synch anyway because I felt like I had lost everything worked toward so far. Literally spent 40 minutes and did not hit a single roll really cleanly - this after having gotten pretty comfortable rolling my oldschool ww boat in the lake.

Good news is after I cried uncle due to exhaustion we moved on to improving eddy turns and it ended up being a useful session.

Sounds like you made good progress for the first shot.

Yeah, I knew Jeff could do it!
He’s an excellent roller and I’m glad the two of you had a chance to go out and work on some stuff.

Good for you
sounds like you’ve managed to hook up with a good instructor.

Good to hear
Rolling isn’t easy for everyone, like most things thre is a range. It sounds like you have made a good start at the process.

I had stop practicing at a rolling clinic a couple weeks ago after spending quite a while upside down as I got a bit queezy. I noticed later on that my ears were very clogged with water as well. I’m thinking maybe that was the cause.


Couple things I learned
That helped. Ginger candy can help with the nausa feeling. Have one before you start it helps sooth the stomach. As for the head thing. I was taught to bit my pfd shoulder strap. Ok that helped but was really hard to do. The best advise I had and what helped me. Was if your doing a sweep style roll. Look at your paddle blade through out the whole sweep. Put a bright sticker on it and watch it through the whole motion. Were ever you look your head usually follows. That puts your chin into your shoulder. And gets you used to keeping your head down.

Something to try anyway.

Good Journey’s


how low did it sit
after he came up?

Doc’s Plugs are best that I’ve found, get the vented ones so that you can still hear. After being wet enough for long enough water in the ears can contribute to nausea as well as a start to otitis.

good advice
That worked for me.

Keep trying jess and you’ll get it…and then you can practice at it. Try an empty stomach next time and you should be fine.

what do you mean “low did it sit”