The Great Gerry Lopez - Soul Surfing Into The Future

Appreciate his avocation, insight and example of how to approach surfing as an aging wave rider… :slight_smile:

Looks like some mellow surf in the Northeast breaks this Saturday. :+1:t4:

sing (soul surfer wannabe)

Oh yeah… saw this Gerry Lopez “Lightening Bolt” surf board hanging on the wall of a Newport breakfast diner. Was there after a nice dawn patrol waveski session earlier in April. Pretty cool.


Thanks for sharing this Sing! The whole clip had a peaceful element and was a great reminder to enjoy the ride, be connected to your environment and others, as we play in nature.

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Oh yeah, Gerry Lopez at Pipeline. No cooler surfer in the 70s.

Yeah, in contrast to some of the modern day boardies, who maintain this aggressive macho demeanor out in the line-up. There is also a “rip it up” on the waveface style that seems to say, “I’m gonna ‘conquer’ this wave.” Ultimately, mother nature doesn’t care and she always wins in the end.