The Great Lakes have added 5.1 trillion gallons in the last 12 days.

Interesting stats. Amazing what snowmelt and lots of April showers can do. Inland lakes are up as well.

Maybe one more year before the lake levels start dropping. Nature’s cyclic dance.

Yes down here in SE Michigan, Lake St. Clair is highest it has been in years. Lots of flooded parks and shortened beaches!

The Huron River is HUGE right now, it has overtaken a lot of foot bridges and even some fishing piers at Lower Huron Metropark.

Lots of fish die-off from what I have seen as well… they are blaming oxygen depletion… who knows.

… and the Southwest is licking their lips.

@raisins said:
… and the Southwest is licking their lips.

Pipe dream. Southwest wastes an inordinate amount of water. We’ll send them some chapstick for those dry lips.

How would it make any sense at all to pipe water from the Great Lakes to the SW when the west has the huge Columbia River that could send enough water south to literally flood the entire South West. As long as it comes from downstream of Bonniville Dam and they’re willing to pay the price–it might slow the Californication of the PNW.

Oh yeah, and we would gladly throw in about 300,000 sea lions–free.

They’re throwin’ in the sea lions.
The Landlord best get busy.
The Red Triangle’s churnin’ blood.
Nervous yaks roll heads in tizzy.

Columbia once gem of ocean,
has turned her faucet round.
To Noah’s bark we Cross in arc,
“Let’s water down Chinatown!”

While we’re in a drought. It’s Atlanta that wants our water, and Tennessee’s.

Its crazy what a hundred miles can mean. Here in the Midlands of Central SC, we have had some serious rains and soggy ground with flooding rivers quite often. No drought down here Jim and I hope it stays that way.