the Great Swamp -Pawling, NY

Finally!!! a paddling spot that is not ice bound. I had a great paddle today. The water level is HIGH, so you will get to explore places that are usually dry ground.

The blue heron is already back, and I am pretty sure I saw a bald eagle. I could never get close enough for a photo.

Ahhh, Spring.

More info
I’m not familiar with this paddling spot - do you have any more info? Put-ins, water type, etc would be appreciated. Thanks.

put ins
water type - slow moving river. Very twisty, feels remote. The river winds all through Putnam, Pawling, and Brewster, NY.

Put ins:

#1: Green Chimneys school - back of dirt parking lot across from the school. Plenty of parking.

#2: Route 311: go to end of Metro Nprth train station lot. Take dirt road on left. Drive 1/3 mile to end (limited parking at this put in).

From both spots, the recommended paddle direction is to the right, as you will encounter more beaver dams the other way. That said, the water is so high right now, you don’t need to worry about the beaver dams.

There are several other put-ins, but these are easy to find.

There are photos posted on PNet, and at least one video on youtube.

love it!
Paddled the Swamp twice late last summer and early fall. Best to spot cars and paddle the 7-8 miles. Not easy to take out and stretch unless it’s on one of the many beaver dams. Actually thought about going there next weekend, would like to find a place somewhere nearby to camp, hmmm? Any ideas?

I’ve been looking for spots reasonably close to the city that I’ve never paddled before - this looks worth the drive.

a google search yielded this NY park as closest camp ground:

Ninham Mountain MUA

Carmel, NY

If any of you come up here, PM me. Maybe we can arrange a group paddle and shuttle. It is fun to start off 311 and paddle down to Green Chimneys. As a solo paddler, I usually start at Green Chimneys and paddle upstream 3-4 miles before turning around.

used to love Carp fishing there!

will do
Will keep in touch, checking out AMC site now for upcoming paddles. Thx for the camping info.