The hell with wood paddles!

Rather pay 400+ but cool he did it.

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I say bless those who have the inclination, skills and time to build their own paddles, be it carbon, FG, wood, aluminum or whatever else!

I appreciate and like watching DIY, but find myself valuing my play time more than build time. May change when I retire.



Wood paddles have life in them.

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I like the feel of wood shaft better than composite. Kind of wish that this boutique paddle maker was still in operation:

Here is a review by old time PNetter, KWikle:


Me too.

I hung my wood paddle on the wall. Wood is nice to look at.

Mitchell is gone now too?

Maker of my favorite one (5 lamination cedar and fir shoulder-less GP), Dave of Friday Harbor Paddles in the San Juans, retired from the business about 10 years ago, largely due to having stress injuries related to woodworking. That sort of thing seems often to happen to artisanal craftspeople. Many fine makers of paddling related products have had to withdraw from the business of creating quality items on the small scale. There are just not enough of us out here to support their efforts reliably, I think.

Anything made of wood is beautiful. How to use furiture grade wood is a personal choice. I prefer a carbon Euro because I like the performance. I used the Greenland Paddle I made and it doesn’t suit my paddle needs. I was not happy to look at it afterwards. Fortunately, it didn’t get damaged and it just needed a refresh of tung oil. It looks good on the wall. I might make some different types, but they’re not for using, just for looking at. I didn’t think it was hard to make.

Making a wooden paddle is one of the first things any serious canoeist should do.

Yes. Mitchell hung it up.

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Perhaps the top canoe paddle maker for freestyle paddlers. Quimby paddles are exceptionally smooth and clean in the water.

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Thanks for posting this! I have a Quimby paddle bought in the late 80’s. It has been my go to paddle for many years - light feels great, and has held up well. Lost track of the company, so it is good to find that they’re still in business making paddles. Price now though is 2x what I paid.

Í have two on mine.