The hold up at First National Bank

when there is no more water~


Flex Maslan

Nice turtle grasses!
Also the wind seems to play a part… I got “stuck up” after days of a north wind. Lostmans River had NO water at the confluence of the Gulf at mid to low tide… had to paddle a mile out once I got unstuck.

I enjoy your trip photos, but…
how do you do the “seagull eye views” ? Do you use a RC helicopter with a camera?


I don’t get why this is on
the Wilderness Tripping board. You’d get more exposure and discussion on the Paddlers Place Discussion forum.

One mud flat doesn’t make a wilderness, much less a wilderness trip.

because while there would be more
exposure on the discussion board, this IS on a wilderness tripping route.

Been there lately? I’ve been in the area but not for 13 months(our last 150 mile trip in Florida Bay). This year it was 200 miles on the north end of the Everglades down to Lonesome.

So I really liked the TR, especially having gotten stuck in Lostman’s Bay till the tide cooperated in January with big winds.