the inside of a dagger RPM

I bought a used RPM several months ago, and am now just starting to fix-er-up. I have a question, albeit a stupid one, to those who have or have used this model…

Does it come with foot pegs? Cos mine doesn’t seem to have them. It looks like it has hardware for pegs to be attatched… but I’m not so sure if it came with foot pegs. And if it is supposed to have them… where on earth can I find them? I looked around at but really didn’t see anything.

Much thanks!

If You Are The Only Person
using it, then it’s better to build up a foam footrest. Footpegs, aside from the metal yakima ones, can pop off at the most inopportune time time.

Even with foam bulkhead/footrest, you can do in such a way that the last several layers can be easiy added on or removed to fit difference paddlers.


RPM’s came two ways.
You could get footpegs or a bulkhead. The bulkhead was adjustable by moving supporting straps back and forth (secured by bolts that stuck through the straps). If you WANT footpegs there are several brands out there. Avoid the ones known as “keepers”. They are a plastic p.o.s. Get aircraft aluminum. However, I agree with Sing. Bulkheads are much better and foam bulkheads are easy to build.