The Kazan river, Any trippers?

The Kazan River, or Inuit Ku to the natives, flows from Kasba Lake in Nunavut, Northern Canada, (north of Manitoba) to the settlement of Baker Lake some 850 Km away. There are no roads here. It’s the river of Farley Mowat’s controversial book “People of the Deer” (recommended reading) and others. P.G. Downes’ book “Sleeping Island” will keep you up at night once the north country gets into your veins.

The Kazan and Thelon Rivers flow through the Barrens and represent rugged trips by most, but not all, standards. I’d like to do these rivers having warmed up on the Grass and Hayes last summer. The north is a facinating place to some.

Log onto, where Bill Layman and his companion Lynda write of their trips in the north, including the Kazan.

I’d be looking for a companion, solo or tandem for northern tripping. Read what Bill says on his site, then write me or post. - Jamie

Thanks for the link to those great trip stories. Great reading! I may never get to trip on those lakes and rivers but one never knows…

Kasba Lake
I was a guest on a lake trout fishing trip on Kasba–guided, lodge style, fly-in directly to the lodge, whole 9 yards–not my typical trip. On one day of the trip we were flown to part of the Kazan where we fished for Arctic Grayling. It was simply beautiful. We could look over the side of the boat and see 20 feet down and watch the fish take our hooks. We could see 30 pound lake trout chase the grayling. It is the closest thing to an aquarium as I’ve ever seen in the wilderness.

The transportation is the interesting thing from a canoers perspective. The guests of Kasba Lake Lodge arrive on Kasba via a commercial jet. The jet lands on a glacial cairn. I would imagine that one could start a canoe trip from that point, head across the lake and head down the river. We flew directly from Minneapolis with a customs stop in Winnipeg. I imagine that they do, or would take on additional passengers and gear.

It is beautiful, awe inspiring, country. Have great travels.