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Fishing, and fishing from kayaks/canoes has long been thought to be just a man’s sport. But the gear and vessels are still primarily geared toward the boys. So ladies, what do you feel is lacking when it comes to paddle angling equipment that is designed specifically for women?


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Well, all the fishing equipment offered to women lately have that awful pink or purple color. Certainly will not want to be seen out using such garrish colors! :-) I guess I have been using rods and reels designed just for men all these years without problems.

Both Canoes and Kayaks are offered in smaller sizes to accomodate women and smaller men. Unfortunately the trend is to make very wide and stable platforms that can be a challenge for some women when they get into rougher conditions. Weight is a consideration for me more because of my age and back problems. When younger was able to carry my plastic SOT kayak without much of a problem. So, I am willing to pay extra for lightweight boats.

a fishing rod and reel is not …

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...... gender specific , never has been .

Although you see the pink and purple stuff out there , it's just a gimic ... sure , if you want pink then go for it , but it's my guess that most that stuff aimed at women only is gimic junk .

I can understand a PFD cut to fit a woman perhaps , and other femine styled looking clothing (but without giving up on quality and usage performance) ... but it seems all other gear and required equipment "has no reason to" nor should be gender specific .

Just what specific things is it that you claim are specifically
"geared towards the boys" , pag_yaker ??