The Last Guide Documentary

Great story about the last fishing guide in Algonquin. Fascinating man, and they “really don’t make them like that any more”. I really enjoyed it, and now I need to find the book and set up a canoe for rowing. For 76 years, he made a living as a fishing guide in an iconic Canadian park | The Last Guide - YouTube


I bought the book, and just finished it. A great story that a lot of people could enjoy. It has something for everyone: history and lore of Algonquin Highlands and the people that live there, the joys, loves and struggles of a simple life, canoeing, camping, woodcraft and plenty of fish stories. I wasn’t expecting a “page turner”, but it was. I definitely recommend it.

Nice video. It’s an easy connect for those of us who enjoy the days afield. Outdoor folks talk of often of their patch of the outdoors as “God’s country.” I think it’s all God’s country, in so much as being out there arouses the sense of something bigger, of being immersed in the divine.



No shortage of guides, cowboys, fishermen, loggers or other outdoor people.
You just can’t see em from the road.