"The Last Voyageur" is a book

paddletothesea might have read already. Written by river tripper Vince Welch, it describes the life and long river exploits or Amos Burg on rivers of the West starting back around 1920. Burg took some early trips in 17 foot wood canvas canoes, the length of rivers like the Columbia and Snake, that made me wonder how he lived so long. But he seemed to build on judgement and experience very quickly, so that later in his career he was an expert.

The book is available from “The Mountaineers Books”.


Love a good book. I’ll check it out.

never heard of it.

Really, Wilderness Tripping?
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I could put it there, too. Or,
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Recently read the book
It is an excellent read. Burg had quite a life running those western rivers before damming becoming Geographic Explorer, writer, photographer and world traveler.

It go to my eyes
and I’m interested, so don’t worry if it hit the right forum. OCD helps for planning trips, but s annoying for others on the same ride.