The leaves are starting to turn

I had some family plans this weekend, but I was still able to get out for an early morning trip on the Charles River on Labor Day. We did a short section from Medfield, MA to Dover, MA with a side trip up to South End Pond – about 6-miles. I was surprised to see that the swamp maples have already started to turn – fall is coming.

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Here in SW MI there have been subtle color changes going on for a couple of weeks and now the changes aren’t so subtle.


Looks nice - around here the swamp maples turn real early, then you have to wait for everything else in October.

Felt like a very slow start to summer, now its over!

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Around here the heat returns just in time for the kids to go back to school.

I believe today is oae to the hotest we had all summer.

In Wyoming the leaves on the aspens start the third week in August. That is one of the reasons I left.

Up here in the “far north” (MN) it’s not sure what to do. Inland and the “hill” running along the shore to Canada has been changing, but along Lake Superior is only getting started. Here’s a week ago on a tributary, barely any yellow starting, but I can’t wait to hit this spot with full colors:

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And the termination dust is becoming prominent


I’d say so!

Forecast is for lows in the 30’s Tuesday and Wednesday nights.


Leaf senescence begins in response to changes in the day length or photoperiod. Drought stress can speed it up slightly. Callous tissue forms on the leaf stem or petiole. Then leaves cannot produce chlorophyll. The colors that are there all the time are unmasked by the removal of the chlorophyll.