The Mad River Angler is....

… the fishing version of what model?

If you mean the wide forteen foot
canoe called the Angler, it appears to be its own model. Many of the larger canoe makers build a short fishing canoe…usually 14 ft. Usually, they are wider than other canoes in the line-up. Though the width may add to stability, I’d rather have either a dedicated solo if fishing by myself or a 15-17 foot tandem with narrower beam if fishing with a partner. Most of the angling models are too wide to paddle efficiently and 14 ft is too short in my opinon for two people fishing out of the same boat.

Started as the Tahoe,
then became the Tahoe 14 when they brought out a 16 foot Tahoe, then I believe became the Adventure 14 for a short time, then changed to Angler 14 when the hybrid now called Adventure 14 came out. Simple, isn’t it? Never paddled one but it got pretty good reviews for what it is.