The March Lion's Roar

I was looking at Hendersonville, NC where I was yesterday. Our low tonight is 25.

We had a pretty good ice cover but the last couple weeks it got warm. Last week we had a day that I measured at 76 degrees.

Yesterday there was only snow in the large piles and woke up this morning to 8” on the ground and it is still coming down. We got the St Pattys day storm a little early this year but the parade was today and they called it off. I’m not sure if I will fire up the tractor to clear it as they are saying it will warm up over the next few days.

Warm days but 12 at night here in Nevada.
Send some rain please.

I thought we had left blue northers in Texas; we’re in the middle of one now.
The sequence is cloudy, rain, strong wind, sunshine and rapidly dropping temps, and the bluest sky you’ll ever see.
We’re past the rain and the clouds are being blown out.

After a solid week of very hot (85F) weather and insane southerly winds a strong front blew through Key Largo yesterday with gusts to 40 knots and a wind shift to the north. As much as everyone hated the endless headwinds in the Everglades Challenge, we were all glad that no one was still on the water when the front blew through!

That’s some serious looking clouds and wind waves/spray! Yes, glad no one got caught in anything serious.


Drove back home in those high winds yesterday. Low last night in central SC was 21. It is sunny with light winds and 55F right now.

We had snow and ice yesterday into last night, with similar strength winds. I’ll take the Florida weather.

So do 22,000,000,000 people! :astonished: