The March Lion's Roar

Despite fluctuations of higher than average temps, the “March Lion” still has its “roar”.

I have no doubt that the warmer and brighter days are coming, especially with the clock springing forward this weekend. :slight_smile:


We got about 5 inches here last night. 19 degrees when I woke up, supposed to be in the 50’s later today. Seems about right for March.

Heading back up your way to paddle on Saturday, so I hope it gets warm and stays warm to bring the rivers up.

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in like a …


Night before last we got about 6"more snow. Last night we got none, but the temp was -16 at 6:00 this morning. 12 MPH breeze too. Water is still ‘hard on top’ ( about 24 to 30 inches deep.)

We had a very mild January and I was thinking winter was going to forget about us this year.
Nope! It came back, so I have to wait for the warming temps in late March or April, just like every other year I guess.

So, no paddling for a while.

It’s coming for us this weekend. Clear skys predicted but nights in the teens.
Right now is typical , wet and chilly.

It may be warm here in the Northeast right now, but it’s still early. I don’t take my snow brush out of my vehicle until June.

I just came back from the office. It’s upper 40’s, the sun is out and the snow is gone. Was a great bike ride in and back. :slight_smile:

Have to see what the Saturday storm will bring. The forecast has been consistent for gale force winds. No paddling in that.


That was classic John Belushi at his manic comic best. :clown_face:

Belushi, Chase, Curtin, and Murray were all part of the SNL cohort when I “discovered” the show. I could not believe what I was watching… It was so DIFFERENT, hilariously so, compared to everything else on TV at that time. I don’t think SNL has had such a talented cohort, as opposed to talented individual comics, since.


I also loved those days of SNL. Remember them like yesterday. My friend and I would get a couple six packs of Olde Pub beer a local brand and the cheapest beer available as it was what we could afford. We would watch SNL with our girlfriends drink beer and eat snacks, laughing the whole time.

IMO and I haven’t watched it much in the years after that, It turned into something totally different. Last time I watched it I remember saying, Do you remember when this show was funny?

No weather complaints from SW Michigan. Already been on the water quite a few times and the weather forecast looks great. The variability in the weather has been impressive with 72 degrees last weekend but a brutal wind from the south that kicked my butt on the river, then mid-30’s the next day but calm and perfect for paddling, then mid-40’s and sunny the next…but with a cold front moving in with a cold wind from the north that made my paddle feel uphill both upstream and downstream. I’m loving it.

Sorry Rookie.

Looks warm but isn’t.

Looks cold and is.

Looks like a nice place to poke around and hang out.


Gosh that looks inviting. Amazing the difference of a couple hundred miles. Snowing so hard up here right now visibility is affected.

Warm up forecast for next week; thinking about paddling the Jordan but need to dig out the door to the shed where my boats are stashed.

the dangerous part of the year. We start to get some warm days but cold water.
Wear a PFD and dress for immersion.

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It is the dangerous time of the year. Our river is open but no one on it yet that I know of. Weather forecast for the weekend is a strange one even for NW PA. They are saying 1-10” where we live. That’s a big spread and I think it depends on what lake effect does.

Our really dangerous time IMO will be a good month from now. As no one here or at least almost no one has cold-water immersion gear the real worry is when the weather gets nice enough and people are sick enough of winter that they break out the swimsuits and try and get a jump on summer even though the water temp is what can get them. They have no desire to take a swim but some will anyway. :canoe:

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I agree that it’s an inherently dangerous time of year; last weekend when it was 72F the water temp was in the 30’s. Recent deaths on the St Joseph have been due to the current which is also especially strong this time of year.

Its great. We are being rained on enough my outside work its delayed and I can get shop work done. J

Ah… the silver lining thing. LOL!


I thought Lake Erie was frozen over . Lake effect needs open water. But I am not near you… We are getting a miniscule amount maybe six inches.

Mud season is in full swing… No open water yet but the roads are a quagmire( we live on a system of dirt roads)

We have a predicted low of 25° for 6 am tomorrow. There are a few plants like azaleas that are just starting to bud as are the apple trees. Farmers can’t do much to help that.

We are getting 28 degrees. Azaleas are on the way out. It is planting season. Some tomatoes, cucumbers spread a in. Cold might help they strawberries.